Monday, October 17, 2016

JUST SOLD!! "Murano scene" acrylic on primed paper 19½ x 25 inches

 "Murano scene" acrylic on primed paper 19½ x 25 inches

BONUS: free taken away to the buyer: "Venetian Canal" sanguine drawing
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Lately SOLD!
"Venetian dock" acrylic on primed paper 25 x 19½  inches

"Venetian Gondolas Parking" charcoal and pastel on primed paper 21 x 16½ inches

"Roman bridge over the river Cares in Asturias - Spain" acrylic on primed paper 14½ x 18½ inches

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sunday, December 30, 2012

"Breakfast at the Ritz with Pinax" Oil on linen 40 x 30 inches

From my new series of symbolical still-lifes  2012 - 2013
("PINAX": In the culture of ancient Greece and Magna Graecia, a pinax (πίναξ) (plural pinakes - πίνακες) or a "board", denotes a votive tablet of painted wood, terracotta, marble or bronze that served as a votive object deposited in a sanctuary or as a commemorative item)

"Desayuno en el Ritz con Pinax" Oleo en tela 102 x 76 cm.
De mi nueva serie bodegones simbolicos. 2012 - 2013
("PINAX" : Dentro de la cultura de la Antigua Grecia y Magna Grecia, un pinax (πίναξ -"tabla"-) (plural: pinakes - πίνακες) es una tablilla votiva de madera pintada, terracota, mármol o bronce, que se utilizaba como objeto votivo, depositado en un santuario, o como artículo conmemorativo)

Last painting for year 2012, HAPPY new year 2013!!